Don Henry Design

Custom Furniture

You may or may not know exactly what you want. You may want a piece that’s exactly like one you see here or you may have something special in mind. Sometimes a client will bring a photo of something they’ve seen but want changed somehow. Often, it’s just an idea and a special spot in their home. Sometimes they need a gift for someone very special. And occasionally, they’ll bring a treasure that needs a special home. Clients are welcome to visit the studio during any phase of the work on your furniture. I welcome your inquiries.

With all orders, I require a one third deposit. This deposit secures your position on my calendar. Rarely, when an order is very large or time consumptive, I may ask for another payment as the work progresses. Final payment is expected upon completion and prior to shipping.


There are several delivery options.

  • You or your designer may pick up the piece.
  • I do make deliveries in and around Dallas and central Texas. I charge a reasonable fee.
  • For national deliveries I use several reputable firms with reasonable rates. Working from several bids, I select the most reasonable price. I supervise all packing and crating.
Should, for any reason, you’re unable to accept delivery upon completion arrangements can be made for short- and long-term storage.